MeyerGoergen will present Getting Paid: Contractors Rights in Collections & Bankruptcy to the Association of General Contractors

Wednesday, March 7th at 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Location: AGC office at 11950 Nuckols Road

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David G. Browne practices commercial litigation and bankruptcy representing developers, contractors and subs in construction and contract disputes, and lenders and creditors in bankruptcy court and post-foreclosure collections.


Part 1: When a Customer is Slow to Pay or Won’t Pay — Collections and Receivables Management

  • How to develop internal procedures and billing policies to better collect
  • How to identify debtor assets and other sources of recovery
  • How to recognize and deal with problem customers
  • How to identify a problem customer and better protect yourself in advance
  • How to collect on a judgment

Part 2: When the Customer Files for Bankruptcy – Creditor Rights in a Bankruptcy

  • What must you do and not do when someone in bankruptcy owes you money
  • What options does a contractor have to collect when the customer files for bankruptcy
  • What is the process for bankruptcy under Chapter 7, 11 and 13
  • When should you file a proof of claim and monitor the case, and when is more involvement needed
  • Mechanic’s liens and bonds in bankruptcy cases
  • Bankruptcies in ongoing projects… Stop or continue work

Part 3: When Your Employee Is a Debtor– Employer Rights and Responsibilities

  • What actions can you take for and against an employee who has filed for bankruptcy
  • What obligations do you have to the bankruptcy trustee
  • What rights does the employee have
  • What response must you provide to wage garnishments and demands from government agencies
  • What steps you can and cannot take to protect your business if the employee is at risk for theft or embezzlement

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