Personal Representation Richmond

Richmond Personal Representation

The Personal Representation attorneys are a skilled and experience part of the MG Law team. Personal Representation is needed when there are life events that cannot be handled alone. The attorneys at MG Law will help you navigate through.

The family law team at MG Law helps move clients into the next phase of their lives. Whether you are filing a no-fault divorce or pursuing charges of misconduct, we work to make sure our clients are treated fairly. Our family law services include divorce, separation agreements, business valuation, property division, alimony, pre-marital and postnuptial agreements, as well as child custody, visitation, support, and guardianship. We represent husbands and wives from all walks of life, helping them set reasonable goals and realistic expectations, emphasizing how the law applies to their personal situations.

The estate planning attorneys help simplify the often overwhelming process of estate planning, developing strategies to avoid probate and preserve good family relationships. We will also help you to minimize any estate taxes your heirs might have to pay after your passing. Our lawyers are experienced in all facets of estate planning, including wills, probate avoidance, trusts, powers of attorney, advance medical directives, health care powers of attorney, estate administration and litigation.

Our personal injury and wrongful death clients have a common bond — their lives have been pushed away from what was once normal. We represent personal injury and wrongful death plaintiffs in motor vehicle accident, premises liability, products liability, and intentional acts cases, negotiating settlements and, when appropriate, taking cases to juries for just compensation.

Any injured person should be sure to to speak with a personal injury lawyer before talking to the insurance company or signing any papers. To help make that easier, MG Law offers a free initial consultation in injury and death cases, encouraging you to take a proactive approach to protecting your future well being.

The residential real estate lawyers at MG Law work to assure that the greatest investment of your life – buying and financing your home – gets done safely, smoothly, and on time. Whether buying or selling a home, or refinancing your mortgage, you should always have an experienced lawyer in your corner when it counts. At MG Law, our residential attorneys are among the most experienced and recognized in Central Virginia.