There is a great deal of misinformation and confusion related to the treatment of an injured worker. Here are a few bits of key information that a medical provider needs to know to assure that it is treated the way the law envisions:


  • Virginia has no set fee schedule for workers’ compensation medical reimbursements.
  • Virginia is not a managed care state.
  • Virginia does not allow for medical management of the claim by the insurance company, nor by any party other than the treating physician.
  • The insurance company cannot limit treatment related to an injury.
  • You do not need to be on an approved vendor list generated by the insurance company or its representative.
  • A case manager cannot dictate care.


  • The medical provider manages treatment of the injured worker.
  • A medical provider can refer an injured worker to other parties for care.
  • A medical provider can treat a patient without outside interference.
  • The treating physician determines appropriate treatment for the injured worker.
  • A medical provider can communicate with outside parties relating to the injured workers treatment.
  • A medical provider’s rates of charge are presumptively valid, and must be paid in full UNLESS the insurance company can establish legitimate grounds for paying less.
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