Most adults know they should have a will, but many procrastinate. We naturally tend to put off thoughts of death.

Certain life situations, however, often galvanize us to consider writing a will, including:

  • an exotic vacation requiring travel by ship or plane;
  • the birth of a child, when parents begin pondering who will act as substitute guardians should both parents meet their untimely demise; and
  • the failing health of an older person.

But while certain milestone events may lead you to think about a will, you should not wait for one to begin careful planning.

Even those motivated to write a will sometimes, because of cost, either shelve the idea or attempt to make it a “do-it-yourself” project by using an online form or commercial computer software. If you have made your own will, the lawyers at MG Law will be happy to review your homemade will without cost. Based on our experience so far, however, we have never seen such a will that did everything the maker wanted it to do. Sometimes the self-made wills are legally invalid and, on occasion, they can create significant unintended and costly issues.

MG is working to alleviate the uncertainty of estate planning costs by offering in many cases a flat fee for the preparation of will, advance medical directive, and power of attorney documents. The flat fee for all three documents for an individual leaving an estate to children is $750.00; it is $1,000.00 for a married couple naming the surviving spouse as primary beneficiary, with their joint children as contingent beneficiaries.

Please note that the flat fees generally do not apply to clients who: desire estate tax planning; have children by prior marriages; have a number of beneficiaries other than their spouse and/or children; have a “special needs” beneficiary; change their minds requiring re-drafts of documents; or have other legal needs in addition to wills, advance medical directives, and power of attorney documents.

Having an effective will in place, along with an advance medical directive and power of attorney documents, can bring you peace of mind. Whatever your estate planning needs, MG’s lawyers will help you create a plan that is right for you and your family.


Pete Goergen
Joe Hall

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