Collections and Receivables Management Richmond

Richmond Collections and Receivables Management

Most businesses extend credit to their customers. When accounts go unpaid, you need an attorney experienced in Collections and Receivables Management.  At MG Law, we have attorneys who know how to effectively track down debtor assets or other sources of recovery. We can also proactively help you identify ways to protect yourself from slow pay or no pay customers, and train your staff to recognize the warning signs of a problem customer.

Our clients come to us when faced with unpaid receivables. They return for help in developing internal procedures, billing policies, enforceable contracts, and staff training on dealing with problem customers and avoiding legal pitfalls. Our clients range from service providers and physicians to construction companies, contractors, commercial realtors, printers/publishers and other small business owners.

The goal of our Collections and Receivables Management practice is to recover unpaid debt through smart solutions, while keeping costs reasonable. Whether the solution is through negotiations in the board room, conciliation in mediation, or litigation in the court room, our Collections and Receivables Management lawyers work with you to find the best strategy.