Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Richmond

Richmond Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

MG Law represents Personal Injury and Wrongful Death plaintiffs from negotiation or settlement to jury trial or appeal. We handle all levels of injuries, from minor to catastrophic, because we take seriously the physical and economic damage our clients have endured.

Our Personal Injury and Wrongful Death attorneys offer a free initial consultation to encourage you to be proactive in protecting your future. The sooner you bring in an experienced Personal Injury and Wrongful Death attorney, the easier it is to protect your rights and compensation. After reviewing the facts of your case, we share our thoughts on whether you have a case based on the law, what courses of action you can consider, and how much we estimate you may be compensated.

To protect your family, it is important to talk to a personal injury lawyer before talking to the insurance company or signing any papers. Having to investigate, preserve the evidence, and jump through the hoops required by the responsible parties or their insurance companies without damaging the potential claim or lawsuit can add unnecessary strain to an already stressful situation.

We are experienced at dealing with case of all sizes, arising from a number of different causes, especially motor vehicle accidents and injuries related to premises liability. MG Law’s motor vehicle accident experience includes traditional passenger vehicles and cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks and tractor trailers. MG Law’s personal injury attorneys even have experience with unusual accidents involving virtually any type of transportation. Our clients include pedestrians, cyclists, passengers, and drivers. We also advise victims of DUI, DWI and drunk driving accidents.

We counsel individuals in commercial and residential premises liability cases. Some of the cases we have represented involved fire, defective design (including restrooms, parking lots, and recreational/playground areas), dog bites (or being chased by dogs whose owners do not follow the leash laws), and slips, trips and falls on public and private property.

Products liability practice cases are also challenging. MG Law handles cases ranging from food poisoning to defective design and negligence.

The firm’s intentional acts practice includes representing clients in liable and slander matters as well as physical assault and battery.

MG Law’s wrongful death practice represents families who have lost loved ones because of someone else’s negligence. Their lives have been devastated, and the last thing they want to deal with is filing a claim after such tragedy. No amount of money is going to replace a wrongful death victim, but our attorneys are experienced in helping families seek the compensation they deserve and find some sense of peace.

MG Law handles Personal Injury and Wrongful Death cases on a contingency fee basis — clients are not billed by the hour. Remember, insurance companies begin building their case as soon as an accident occurs. If you have been injured, don’t delay — call us for a free consultation.

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