Historic Tax Credits Richmond

Richmond Historic Tax Credits

Historic Tax Credits are a very specialized practice area handled by MG Law. The federal Historic Tax Credit (HTC) program was enacted in 1976 to encourage the preservation and restoration of historically significant buildings. Historic Tax Credits provide funding for developers that rehabilitate certified historic landmarks and buildings into income-generating properties that create jobs and promote economic revitalization. The Historic Tax Credit program adds value to communities by preserving our country’s architectural heritage and revitalizing economic activity. Virginia’s Historic Tax Credit program (HTCs) has helped cities rebuild tax bases, enabled real estate developers to launch projects and assisted Virginia in preserving one of its main calling cards: historical buildings.

Examples of the Historic Tax Credit deals handled at MG Law:

  • Commercial offices and retail properties
  • Mixed-use (commercial/residential) properties
  • Factories and industrial facilities
  • Agricultural facilities
  • Entertainment/cultural facilities
  • Hotels and hospitality properties