Commercial Litigation Richmond

Richmond Commercial Litigation

Nowadays, it seems no business is safe from the ever-increasing tendency of people to bring their problems to the court room. Legalese and the daunting prospects of Commercial Litigation overwhelm too many small and mid-sized businesses. MG Law’s Commercial Litigation practice is here to help, bringing a deep and dynamic team of attorneys well equipped to deal with any problem. Whether it is a dispute involving customers or suppliers, disgruntled former employees, or attacks by competitors, we can assist you.

At MG Law, we are proficient in conflict negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and jury and bench trials, if required. The competent trial lawyers in our Commercial Litigation practice will develop customized solutions that are both practical and cost-efficient for the client.

Our primary goal for every case is to represent our clients with sound and smart strategies that keep them focused on their business, and not on the litigation. We will set unique benchmarks for every case, fully explaining how the client will help shape the process, the process and timelines, and the legal costs. Here at MG Law we are focused on the client first.

A few examples of business litigation we are involved in include business torts, customer disputes, securities, commercial transactions, collection proceedings, competitor attacks, banking and finance, fraud, insurance disputes, contract disputes, and negligence.

Examples of our employment litigation practice cases include claims of discrimination, OSHA, wrongful discharge, employment contracts, non-compete agreements, and workers’ compensation.

Several real estate clients are represented in cases involving land use, development and lease disputes, title disputes, construction and environmental compliance issues, and specialized finance and securities matters.

The talent and expertise of the Commercial Litigation Team at MG Law has resulted in consistent referrals from lawyers in other firms. Many times, these referrals represent “unusual” litigation cases that don’t lie within regular boundaries and familiar patterns. We think outside the box for solutions to problems faced by prospective and long standing clients.

MG Law’s attorneys practice in all Virginia state and federal courts, trial and appellate. They also appear before state and federal agencies and administrative forums such as the EEOC, Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Commission, Board of Contract Appeals, local planning commissions and boards of supervisors.

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