Condominium and Restrictive Covenant Documents Richmond

Richmond Condominium and Restrictive Covenant Documents

At MG Law, we have attorneys with a thorough understanding of Condominium and Restrictive Covenant Documents. Condominiums can provide developers with a great deal of flexibility in avoiding subdivision and site plan and density issues. Several of MG Law’s attorneys are experienced in drafting condominium documents for mixed use commercial, residential and age-restricted projects. We realize that our carefully drafted condominium documents will be part of your marketing plan, so we work with our clients to maximize your projects attributes. We can advise you as to the options permitted by law and guide your project through the statutory and regulatory requirements and today’s challenging financing conditions.

Restrictive Covenants for single-family, town home and mixed-use developments require a careful balance between the need to protect the value sought by today’s purchasers and tenants, the need to create flexibility for future uses and growth, and the need to ensure that the development will meet all requirements imposed by lenders and statutory and regulatory requirements. The attorneys at MG Law know what questions to ask to understand your marketing goals and can craft documents to meet your needs.