Foreclosures and Commercial Loan Workouts Richmond

Richmond Foreclosures and Commercial Loan Workouts

The attorneys of MG Law are experienced in the area of Foreclosures and Commercial Loan Workouts. We work with national, community and individual lenders in both innovative and traditional ways to resolve the issues surrounding troubled loans. We strive to make this process as efficient and trouble free as possible so our clients can put their assets back to work in the market.

MG Law’s attorneys strategize with each lender to develop a plan the will protect the lender’s assets and its security property. This may include the renegotiation of loan documentation and terms, forbearance and foreclosure. Additionally, MG Law works to assure our client’s compliance with all legal requirements and that all possible means of recovery are pursued in a timely and cost effective manner. Our clients’ loans are secure by a wide array of collateral such as tracts of undeveloped land, buildable lots, single and multi-family housing, commercial buildings and various types of personal property assets including equipment, inventory and fixtures. Whether the case in question requires the negotiation and drafting of a loan forbearance agreement or the foreclosure and auction of real and/or personal property, MG Law works to secure these assets as quickly as possible. After the collateral has been levied upon, MG can also assist our clients in pursuing deficiency suits against the deficient borrowers and guarantors.

If you are in need of assistance with a loan in default, contact the attorneys of MG Law to help you through these issues.

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