SBA Lending Richmond

Richmond SBA Lending

The attorneys at MG Law have extensive experience with SBA Lending (Small Business Administration).  We represent national lenders offering financing that is available through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). With our local representation of the forerunner of Business Loan Center in 1997 and its eventual expansion to the national market, MG Law’s influence and representation has expanded as well. Since the beginning, we have developed nationally recognized relationships with several of the largest SBA vendors in the country.

For over ten years, we have worked with other local bank SBA lenders and closed thousands of business acquisition, working capital, and other SBA loans, while having a thorough background in the 7a, Express and 504 programs and the USDA guaranteed loan programs. We have worked with our vendors not just to close loans but also in workout, default and foreclosure situations. We are members of NAGGL and have a network of local attorneys in 46 of the 50 states to provide easy access to local council.

Our SBA lenders have all taken various, multifaceted approaches to closing loans. Some have handled the closing functions almost entirely internally; others have relied on the expertise of MG Law and outsourced the process. Our experience working with borrowers, gathering and reviewing due diligence materials, and preparing and delivering loan packages extends to several years and many more loans. MG Law’s primary closer has had direct training in the closing process and commands a team or staff and attorneys dedicating to closing SBA loans.

Whether borrower or lender, it is MG Law’s goal to make the closing process quick and painless.

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