Residential Real Estate Transactions Richmond

Richmond Residential Real Estate Transactions

For many of us, Residential Real Estate Transactions will be the largest financial transaction we ever make. A mistake can be devastating. Whether you are buying or selling your home, or just refinancing your mortgage, a residential real estate lawyer should review all documents and guide you through the process to a successful closing.

Realtors and lenders are helpful professionals, but they can not give you legal advice. You need an experienced real estate attorney to protect your legal interests. Before you sign any papers, you should understand issues such as escrow money (deposit payment), mortgage finance and home inspection contingencies, title insurance, environmental issues, and potential pitfalls. Our real estate attorneys can draft, review, and explain the terms and obligations of an agreement of sale and related papers, such as the seller’s property disclosure statement.

At MG Law, we do the legwork for you and coordinate with lenders, real estate agents, opposing counsel, and all other parties involved. You want enforceable contract terms, a clear and lien free property title, escrow protection, a timely settlement date and transfer of ownership, and reliable funds disbursement. We will help you get it.

Buying a home should be a happy, exciting time. MG Law’s residential real estate attorneys persevere on your behalf to overcome potential burdens, and unexpected challenges and delays, so you can enjoy the moment.